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Pierre Nocca, born on 27 August, 1916 in Sète, France, died at the same place on 15. February, 2016.

Main works

2003 -2012: Les Bifaces: The Dancers, Unicorn... (Mixed media, resin, metal, marble powder... )

2002: L’Ajustaïre: composite materials, 4m high, Canal Royal de Sète, Hérault, France.

1994 - 1996: Les Figures du Temps: sculpture grouping, resin, acrylic paint.

1992 - 1994: Les corps et la Danse: bas-relief series, plaster.

1987: La Fontaine du Poufre: hand-worked brass, granite, 13m x 8m x 5m, Place Leon Blum in Sète, France.

1985: Monument du Souvenir et de la Paix: stone, 5.6 m, Saint Gély du Fesc, Hérault, France.

1974/1980: Frescoes, works in stainless steel and glass, mosaics and paintings, for various school building in Montpellier, Andorra and the region of Toulouse.

1971 - 1975: Predominately produces works in metal. This develops into a formal palette that features rigorous compositions and controlled lines, yet wrought in an informal handwriting marked by random elements that result from welding brass. These works continue to reflect his concern for perspective and point of view. The main works from this period are:

Papillons: brass driven, 2.50m, Public Library of Castres, Tarn, France, 1985

Aboli bibelot: hand-worked brass, 2.1 m, 1984

Poulpe: hand-worked brass, 3m x 2m x 1.6m, Argelès-sur-mer, Pyrénées orientales, France, 1978

Le Guetteur: hand-worked brass, 4 m, Carcassonne, France, 1976

La leçon d’Athéna: Stone, 4 m, Villemur-sur- Tarn, Haute Garonne, France, 1973

Legend: hand-worked brass, 4 m, L'Union, Haute Garonne, France, 1973

Neptune ou le Rire énorme de la mer: hand-worked brass, 2.1 m, 1972

1965 - 1970: Structures: emphasizes his studies of primitive, archaic Greek and Mesopotamian art works. Looks to rediscover the origins of sculptural expression and the axes that determine our perception of space. Works in metal, mainly bronze and copper. Uses insect and marine life as his subject.

1964: Monument a Jean Jaures: Montpellier, France

1958: Glass relief: Institut d'Emission de l'AOF et du Togo, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

1955: Main Altar: stone, 3.4m x 1.3m, Church of Cazedarnes (on behalf of the State), Hérault, France

1947: Memorial des Martyrs de la Résistance: stone, Montpellier, France.


1933-35 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montpellier.

1936 Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, Paris.

1943-44: Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, with Henri Bouchard and Paul Niklausse, receives his Masters.

Prizes and Awards

Prix de la tête d’Expression

Prix de l’Institut de France

Prix des Amis des Artistes, Paris

Prix Chenavard

Logiste du Grand prix de Rome

Croix de Guerre, 39-45

Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

Invité d’Honneur de la Saint Louis, Sète, 2010